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Cycling in the City


Just to show that cycling-inclusiveness is more than just constructing cycle lanes or cycle tracks, we give a little example from our daily practice. Not every road has to have separate cycling lanes, in The Netherlands the majority of roads are integrated and that means that cars, trams, trucks and cyclists use the same space. On those roads speed is essential. 50 km/hour used to be standard but today on more and more city roads the maximum speed is 30km/hour. At this speed the likelihood of accidents is low and even if they occur the outcome is never fatal. The design of these 30 km/h streets is steering the behavior: it ‘tells’ the road user which type of behavior is appropriate in the context. This approach can be justified by the rewards we get, for example by fresh air, less noise, better health and quicker travel times. I-CE has a lot of experience in how to get this changed. It requires a lot technically and through communication. And as we all know: communicating requires a sending and receiving mode of the professionals involved.